About Us


An authentic Argentine food truck selling empanadas in the streets of Copenhagen. Festivals, events, street food, popups, catering, anything. We’d just love the whole world to taste and realize how amazingly delicious Argentine empanadas are.

Buenos Aires (La Boca)


Our chef is born and raised in Buenos Aires. The rest of the team have either lived there for years or traveled in Argentina extensively. Yes, when we say it’s authentic, we know what we’re talking about.

Chela Empanadas på Rådhuspladsen


Attracted by the vibe, soul, and opportunities in Copenhagen, the team has moved here, started Chela Empanadas ApS and since then, joined the street food movement that has been going for the past years.

Chela Empanada Argentina


Being passionate about empanadas, food, and Argentine culture, we can honestly say there has been put a lot of love into our product, both for the right dough and the right filling.

Our Story

Two countries, a group of friends, two different cultures, the same dream.

The Chela Empanadas Team

“Everything was a dream, a dream that nobody believed could come true, but that dream was fulfilled.” This is how the book “365 Days Away From Home” begins. Book whose author is one of the protagonists of this story.

During the year 2007, Marco decided to make a cultural exchange by the Rotary Club. Duration of the exchange: 1 year. Destination: Odense, Denmark. He lived with four different host families. The second one, the Bager Rasmussen, was the family of who he was most in contact even when his exchange was over.  They were a wonderful family. The members were Lars (father) and Kiersten (mother) and his three great children (Anders, Thomas and Jesper). Anders, a few months older than Marco, was the one whom most relationship he had. During the year Marco was there, he was able to know a lot about Denmark, its culture, its places and traditions, and so other things. Marco met Andreas, Anders’ best friend. They shared many activities, like playing football, training, the passion for traveling and knowing the world, learning different languages and more.


“Everything was a dream, a dream that nobody believed could come true, but that dream was fulfilled.”

 ― Marco Buscetti, in his book, 365 Días Fuera de Casa (365 days outside home)

The year went by very fast. Anders and Andreas promised to travel to Argentina and meet Marco once again, and so they did. They traveled to Trenque Lauquen (500 kilometers from Buenos Aires), where Marco and his family lived. And there they were, sitting at the table, tasting and eating the delicacy of that beautiful country called Argentina. They walked through countless places. They met most of the northern provinces of the country and traveled from East to West.

Marco began his studies as a graduate in Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires, Anders and Andreas did the same but in Denmark (economy and engineering). Andreas returned to Argentina in the year 2012 but this time to study. Marco also started to study the gastronomic professional career and Anders moved to Copenhagen.

Chela Empanadas Amager Strand
Empanadas chef with grandmother Chela

Guido, Marco’s older brother, traveled for his very the first time to Europe in 2013. From France to Italy, he traveled for a few days to stroll about where he met Andreas and another friend. After their first encounter, Guido returned to France to continue his studies. One weekend in November of that year, Guido, Anders and Andreas traveled to Normandy. They rented a car and went to Mont Saint Michel. They were tired of walking and felt a little hungry, so they began to imagine how good it would be to eat a simple but delicious Argentinian empanada. There appeared the idea of making empanadas in Denmark.

After many years of development, hard work and the help of many people, Chela Empandas started to be shaped.

Elena (alias Chela), Marco´s eighty six years old grandmother, was the one who provided the recipe to the company. Thanks to the bakers and pastry chefs (Adrian and Juan); they were able to develop the recipe.

After several meetings, talks and exchanges of ideas appeared the name of the company: “Chela Empanadas ApS”, in honor of the grandmother and the game words of the cheísmo that is used in Argentina at the moment of speaking.