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Chela Empanadas on national radio in Argentina

Chela Empanadas on national radio in Argentina

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Chef and co-owner of Chela Empanadas, Marco Buscetti Castro, was recently featured live on the national radio channel in Argentina, Radio Nacional. If you understand Argentine Spanish or would like to hear how it sounds, you can find the clip in the bottom of the article.

My far-away land
The radio channel has a program called Lejana tierra mía, or translated into English, My far-away land. The program looks out in the world to find Argentines, who are far from home and in this context, they found Marco.

“We’re going very far from Argentina, we’re going to Copenhagen”, the radio host starts. “What is Marco Buscetti Castro doing in Copenhagen? He’s a very young man, a chef, from the Buenos Aires provincial town, Trenque Lauquen. In Copenhagen, he has started an empanadas food truck.”

“Are empanadas known in Denmark?”
One of the first things the radio hosts are interested in, is if empanadas are known in Denmark. “Although Danes are very much familiar with Argentina, few actually know what an empanadas is. The easiest explanation is for them to actually try them, as there are many presumptions about Latin American food being hot and uses a lot of salsa – and these are hard to fight with words. Of course, Argentine food is never hot and customers are really surprised about this”, Marco explains. “They like them when they actually taste them and most get a wow-experience, that I never get tired of seeing”, he adds.

The interview then goes on to discuss the empanadas filling and their preparation in the stone oven, a subject that is clearly important to the Argentine hosts. Marco reveals how the recipe is inherited from his grandmother, Chela.

Integration in Denmark
As the program is about being far away from home, the hosts ask about the integration in Denmark, socially and business-wise. “When I was 17 years-old, I was on exchange in Odense, where I got to know my two Danish friends and partners in Chela Empanadas. They take care of a lot of the practical things while I get to focus on the food. Having known the culture already and knowing my partners, the whole process has definitely been a lot easier”, Marco reports.

From there, the hosts asks curiously about Marco’s private life in Copenhagen, which we will leave for those who understand the interview.

The clip can be heard through the following link (Argentine Spanish):

De Trenque Lauquen a cocinar empanadas en Copenhague

Just Eat partners with Chela Empanadas

Announcement: Just Eat partners with Chela Empanadas

April 26th, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Announcement: Just Eat partners with Chela Empanadas”

We are happy to announce our partnership with the take away giant, Just Eat. Very soon, residents of Copenhagen will not even have to go to the streets to get Argentine street food. They will have empanadas delivered to their door.


Empanadas chef with grandmother Chela

Empanadas expert chef is back from Argentina

April 2nd, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Empanadas expert chef is back from Argentina”

Chela Empanadas is back in the streets of Copenhagen. Once again with Argentine street food in the shape of traditional empanadas.