Empanadas chef with grandmother Chela

Empanadas expert chef is back from Argentina

April 2nd, 2017 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Empanadas expert chef is back from Argentina”

Chela Empanadas is back in the streets of Copenhagen. Once again with Argentine street food in the shape of traditional empanadas.

After two months in his native land of Argentina, head chef of Chela Empanadas, Marco Buscetti, is back in Denmark. He’s ready to serve his popular Argentine empanadas from our food truck. After having served more than 10,000 empanadas last year from the company’s start in June until Christmas, Marco took a well-deserved break to re-energize and collect ideas from the trendy empanadas joints in Buenos Aires.

A stroll down the barrios of Buenos Aires

“Buenos Aires is always a great inspiration to me. Walking through the streets of neighborhoods like La Boca with their colorful houses in Caminito, the trendy places in Palermo and the old traditional Argentine cafés in Recoleta. These are just some of the places to mention, which all have their own vibe or “onda” as we say in Argentina”, Marco tells.

Quality is what really matters

“It’s really all about pure quality when I talk to other empanadas enthusiasts, the chefs, and the regulars. Other things are less important, the decor, the facilities of the place. You can have a fancy restaurant next to a small joint on the corner, and people would still consider the joint to be a better place if they have better empanadas. That focus on product quality and passion is what I want to bring to Denmark. We start from a food truck and when people realise the value we bring, we move ahead.”

This season, many plans have been made; counting numerous days in the streets of Copenhagen, street food markets, music festivals such as Ringsted Festival, beach serving, Argentine national day and many other things. Stay tuned on our webpage, Facebook or Instagram to get the latest news and plans.